Vanquished the poached egg monster!

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I have extremely exciting news!!! I VANQUISHED THE POACHED EGG MONSTER!!! This is my biggest cooking feat of all time!!

Friday night, while I was on the train home from work, really tired, stressed and cranky, I was playing on my phone, surfing the internet and exploring food blogs. I ran into a wonderful blog, Smitten Kitchen, which featured many many amazingly delicious recipes. While Deb explained her background and the purpose for having her blog in the “about” section, she wrote : “… tutorials on everything from how to poach an egg to how to make…”. Immediately my mood improved, I had a cooking challenge  for brunch!! To make my first successful poached egg and enjoy it for brunch.

A bit of background, …Poached eggs are my arch rival. I have spoiled many dozen eggs in attempts at making poached eggs, gotten in fights with people trying to teach me how to make them. I have tried every method, known to man:

  1. The crazy vortex
  2. The pickle-ing vinegar
  3. Soup laddle in boiling water
  4. Egg-poacher

NOTHING WORKED!! Instead I made an amazing textured egg-drop soup effect, a foamy mess, an egg yolk alone, etc… Thanks to this great tutorial Smittenkitchen: Poached eggs (it is amazing) I finally made my poached egg!!

ps: No one ever thought to mention to me that I wasn’t meant to boil the water!!! Smitten Kitchen you are my hero!

So Fran, I just wanted to share with you my victory and excitment!! 🙂 I’ll be back a little later with a treat for your eyes and my stommy!!

6 thoughts on “Vanquished the poached egg monster!

  1. smitten kitchen is my absolute favorite! Have you seen the amazing rice pudding on today’s post? and the baby pictures?!? how will I ever get any work done (?!?!) when I want to gobble them both up. to pieces. right. now. The egg looks amazing & now I hungry for that toooo! Can you tell what I would rather be doing right now? 😉

  2. I KNOW I LOVE HER BLOG!!! and baby… SO CUTE! I have become a subscriber of hers because all her recipes are just soooooo yummy!! 🙂 … and lets be serious, whoever taught me how to make poached eggs, immediately became my hero! … and about work, just cook up a storm and all your worries will go away!

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