Cream of Artichoke- A Childhood Favorite

Main Course, Soup

Hi Mati,

What a wonderful experience you had in Greece and at the Sweet Spot!  It looks like you guys had so much fun!  Baking 24 cup cakes is a lot of work and I cannot even imagine doing more!  Congrats to Zoe and Manoula on this amazing accomplishment.  I hope to travel to Greece soon to be able to (a) play with their new toys and (b) learn from them.

Things in Miami have been a exciting, but not as exciting as baking for 33 hours.  I do have some funny stories that as usual relate to what is going on with you.

A few weeks ago, we joined a fruits and vegetables buyers club from which we get organic produce every two weeks.  It has been a really creative experience because I do not get to choose what I get, I just get what is available.  A buyers club is  “a group of people who share a common goal – to save money on quality healthy foods.”  Together, we are able to buy the food at a discounted price, and the nice thing is that they try to bring almost everything local, so that helps with the creativity in the kitchen.  Here is a sample of the box I get every two weeks:

More Veggies

For those Floridians interested in joining this,  the buyers club we belong to is Annie’s Organic Buying Club.  Check out the website: She is doing a great job at promoting a healthier lifestyle and awareness of what we eat.  She delivers all over Florida and I think also in North Carolina.  For those of you not in Florida,  there are probably many options in your area that with an online search you will find it.

Two weeks ago I got three artichokes.  As a little girl I used to LOVE cream of artichoke and cream of spinach, something most little kids are not quite fond of, but I loved them.  I loved them because they are delicious but also because they are green.  Once I saw that I had received artichokes in my box that week, I decided to make cream of artichoke, which is my favorite way to eat it.  Then, I read your post, especially tip #4 “Pick up after yourself constantly, keep a clean counter at all times,” and I started laughing because that is one of the most important things I need to learn and let me show you why:
Mess in the Kitchen Mess in the Kitchen

OK.  I am embarrassed but now that you have laughed at my mess I will tell you what happened.   I boiled the artichokes and let them sit in the fridge overnight because I did not have time to finish the master piece.  So the following day I continued with my Cream of Artichoke and as I was told by my mother and the recipe book that I was following, I placed the artichokes, which I had pulled apart before boiling, into the food processor and started blending my soup.   Somehow, the liquid in the food processor seeped through the top of the food processor and my kitchen ended up like you see above.   A few days later I was still finding remnants of the soup on the kitchen walls, floor and cabinets.  I hope that you have better luck with this than I did.


  • 3-4 Artichokes
  • 1-2 large potatoes
  • 4 Carrots
  • 4 cups of Water
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
  • Vegetable Stock


  1. Take apart the artichokes cleaning out the hairs from the artichoke heart (fuzzy choke from each artichoke bottom) very well and place them in a pot together with the carrots and the potatoes.
  2. Bring to a boil and cook for about 45 minutes.
  3. Add salt, pepper and vegetable stock to flavor and simmer for an additional 15 minutes.
  4. Once the soup has cooled down,  puree it in a blender and return to the pot as you strain the liquid and the remains of the artichokes.

This is a very easy way to make it and you can find more complicated ways to make this soup.  This way it was just as I remembered it from my childhood years.

You can serve the soup with croutons, cheese, crackers, or alone.  Enjoy this amazing soup, a childhood favorite of mine.


3 thoughts on “Cream of Artichoke- A Childhood Favorite

  1. Hahahahaha 🙂 I have to say Fran, you are not alone, there are days when it takes me longer to clean up than to actually cook! But together, we will get better.

    I have never had artichoke soup! I just been thinking about artichokes! That is another vegetable that I cannot get here, in our small bland supermarket…

  2. You totally have to try the soup Mati…. I really only like artichoke in the form of Spinach Artichoke dip and this soup, Oh and this amazing heart of artichoke salad my grandma makes with SO much lemon!

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