Cooking for a Modern Family, Mission Possible: Guest Post

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Today’s post is brought to you by my friend Alexis Cobo.  I met Alexis about 3 years ago when we were both working at the same school.  She was a teacher and I was the technology specialist. Alexis became THE baker of the tech department as she was then engaged to Jorge and loved our office. She made cakes and cupcakes for everyone’s birthday and even brought us goodies when there was not a special occasion.  Now a mother to a super cute one a half year old and step mother to two beautiful Ladybugs, Alexis spends her ‘free’ time figuring out what to cook and bake while juggling motherhood and a full time job as a technology specialist at a private school in Broward county.  Thank you Alexis for agreeing to be a guest on Feta & Arepa and I cannot wait to try these out!

Mission Possible: Cooking for a Modern Family By: Alexis Cobo

First, I want to thank Francine for inviting me to share with all of you my mission to feed my family clean, healthy, and most importantly, tasty bites everyday.  I take great pride in cooking for my family of five; which consists of a variety of food tastes as well as ages. Whether it has been making fresh homemade food for my 18 month old son, or introducing my tween and teenage step-daughters (aka, The Ladybugs) to new experiences with ingredients they have never tried, I find it quite possible to please everyone and to keep each day different and super tasty.

So, what is the best part about my cooking arsenal? Technology. Yes, by day I moonlight as an elementary school technology teacher, and although by night I’d like to think I am a chef, I am really just like all of you searching the web and racking my brain for inspiration. Recently, I have three places I turn to find something new to test out on my family: Pinterest, Weelicious Blog, and Momtastic’s Wholesome Baby Food Blog. Exciting? Eh, probably not, but most definitely these sites are jammed packed with inspiration. And from time to time I turn back to my decade and a half obsession, The Food Network. And just for fun when I want to be really fancy for guests or special occasions, I rely on Food52.

Okay, now that I’ve shared my go-to spots for recipes and ideas, now I’ll share my “how do I get this all done while working out of the home full-time” secret: make ahead. I am sure this is no surprise, but since time is of the essence I had to find a way to keep things fresh and fun without resorting to frozen boxed meals (although I’ll admit, even a self-proclaimed foodie needs a break every once and a great while). When my son was born, I was determined that under no circumstances would I serve him jarred/processed baby food. Disclaimer: if you happen to give your child prepared foods that is okay! And the way I kept that promise was by purchasing $0.99 ice cube trays and using my already owned immersion blender to make everything monthly (we can talk about that another time, but it is very easy). In short, I try to figure out what I can do ahead of time so when natives are restless I can get it on the table fast. Below are some of my favorite, and most recent creations. I should also note that I always take the recipes I find on the websites and change them slightly to make them my own. Hope you enjoy the bites!

Frozen Yogurt Bites:

Kitchen Gadgets

  • Mini-Chop
  • Rubber Spatula
  • Freezer Bag
  • Sheet Tray


  • Favorite Fruits (or even veggies)
  • Plain yogurt of your choice (here I used Yo-Baby Vanilla)


  1. Place diced fruit and yogurt in mini chop and pulse until smooth
  2. Spoon the mixture into a freezer bag
  3. Cut a tip on one corner of the bag and pipe small drops onto lined sheet tray with wax paper.
  4. Place in the freezer for an hour and serve!


Pinterest Banana Breakfast Muffins

pancake muffinsFollow me @AlexisCobo on Pinterest for the recipe!

My amendments: SPICES! Cinnamon/All Spice/Ground Ginger/Nutmeg.  I also added chocolate chips to one batch.

Breakfast Pancake Muffins – Another Pinterest Find!

My Amendment: Flax Seed & I make my own pancake mix rather than using a box mix as suggested.cupcakes

From Weelcious:

Garbanzo Burgers with added Fresh DillPhoto Jul 08, 5 06 42 PM

Broccoli Cheddar Patties


Green Mac ‘n Cheese with Extra Cheese

Photo May 28, 6 11 38 PM

6 thoughts on “Cooking for a Modern Family, Mission Possible: Guest Post

  1. I am so proud of what my daughter has been able to accomplish!!! Yummy meals and treats for ALL of us!!! She is sooo talented and will someday make her dream . ..a professional CHEF!!

  2. I am so proud of your accomplishment as a mother, wife, and daughter!! I can’t wait until your dream comes true ….a professional CHEF!!! ❤

  3. Everything looks so good too bad I am on a special diet to help my metabolism. but i can surely can make it when the KIDS will come and visit .. Sara

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