Improv Gnocchi

Fish, Gnocchi, Italian, Main Course

Hi Mati. My weekend was nice. Not as warm as we wanted it to be but we still got to hang out and go for a nice walk/run outside. I didn’t get a chance to cook this weekend since we were busy and went out to dinner Saturday night with some friends. But, remember those gnocchi I told you about? Well we tried to go see Avatar and got there late so we had to sit in the third row and it was at the IMAX 3D theater so we returned our tickets and came home with our friend and had the gnocchi.

The gnocchi I just bought, but the sauce was a nice improv.

I had baked some tomatillos this past week and had not used them all. So this is what I made:

3 tomatillos (This is what they look like:
A couple of spoonfuls of Pesto
One garlic clove
A tomato

The tomatillos I just placed in the oven with their shell at like 350F with a little oil and cooked for about 25 minutes.

So I put these all in the food processor, and then heated them in a pot and put them over the gnocchi. They tasted really delicious! I am sure the sauce would also be really good on fish like Tilapia.