Pimm’s with Strawberries Recipe: Adventures in England

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Just a spoon full of… honey makes it all go away!

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Your Majesty Princess Francine,

How was the marathon?? Hope you had a great run and that all your hard work training paid off! 🙂

I, on the other hand, got increasingly sick all throughout last week, reaching an ill-peak Friday morning when I got to work. Needless to say, I hurried home, to get into my pjs and sleep it off. Right before going to bed, however, I drank my magic potion. Every time I drink this, I wake up feeling a million times better. So, in this post I just wanted to share with you two quick and easy remedies to cure common discomforts.

1. Feeling gross, under the weather? Like you are on the verge of a terrible cold, perhaps the flu? Try my:

Lemon Zap


  • 1 lemon
  • 2 tsp honey
  • {1 slice fresh ginger (if you are really feeling bad)}


  1. Put the kettle on.
  2. In a mug squeeze all the juice out of the lemon and add honey.
  3. Once water has boiled, pour into lemon and honey mixture. {If you are feeling really bad, place a slice of fresh ginger.}
  4. Let it cool, so you don’t burn your mouth, and drink.

* Ginger, is like a bazooka, will help you thwart whatever evil decided to invade your immune system, be warned that you will sweat A LOT in your sleep.

2. Eaten too much? has something sat funny in your belly? Try my:

Clean Mint (Moroccan Mint)


  • 1 spring mint (6-8 leaves)


      1. Put the kettle on.
      2. Place mint sprig in a mug.
      3. Once water has boiled, pour over mint leaves.
      4. Let it cool, so you don’t burn your mouth, and drink.

      Hope these remedies don’t come in handy soon, but whenever I am under the weather, they always rescue me!

      I’ll be back tomorrow with some yumminess 🙂

      Filakia polla!